One of my favorite activities as a kid with a homepage was "adopting" images from websites. It was pretty common for websites to have adoptables pages - there were even some sites dedicated to them exclusively. They weren't Neopets, just images that sat on your site and did nothing. Some were limited edition or grew as time went on, which I thought was ~~ the coolest thing ~~

In essence, they're collectibles. You have to really hunt to find the old ones these days since many were hosted on sites like GeoCities, so it's actually pretty fun. When possible, images are linked to the homepage where they originated.

* if anyone out there has more guardian mice, let me know!!
I really want the March birthstone mouse again! *

*it was realllly hard to pick only five dolls from chibi land (per their TOU)
but you should pay them a visit and see the rest!

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