Website awards were ubiquitous in the 90s and early/mid 2000s. You've certainly noticed if you've spent any time browsing old sites. Maybe you've even applied for/won/given out a few yourself.

They were a nice way of recognizing pages you enjoyed visiting, and let me tell you, receiving an unsolicited award was ~the dream~. Let's stop talking in the past tense from this point forward, mmk? On this page are awards you can win from me. I have a few different ones, with different criteria. They don't come with any prestige, but you ~do~ get a custom graphic for you to throw on your page (or print out and put on the fridge). and a handful of internet points, which you can redeem at any showbiz pizza. apply, win, and then go get yourself a nice slap bracelet.

i haven't won any awards, but if i had, they would look nice on this page. oh my god, someone gave me an award. bless.

win an award?

the groovy site award has pretty straightforward requirements. have a personal website that you built yourself. this doesn't mean slap a bunch of animated gifs on a star background and call it a day, although i am obviously a fan of both tropes. ideally you have a few pages of content, and have put some effort into creating a web home. you don't need to have a meticulously curated web empire, and i'm sure as hell not gonna peep your code. just have some heart.

magick's cozy site award is for sites that have that special something. the ones that leave me feeling inspired, connected, or excited. the sites that make me feel like the personal web isn't a relic of the past, it's something alive today. something worth nurturing. i don't want to say this one is ~harder~ to earn, although my cat does have high standards. again, not gonna peep yr code. it doesn't hurt to have an attractive site, but i'm looking for something deeper.

recipients strawberry sandwich

to apply for an award, send an email to lu(at)tiny-universes(dot)net with the following filled out:

your name:
website url:

comments are optional, but appreciated! i'm looking forward to seeing your site!

for me? :D

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