6.8.20 - uhhh, hey. what a year, amirite? i made a few updates here and there. too tired 'n' lazy to rly update ~this~ but there should be some 's on the sidebar.

2.11.20 - i made a paul mccartney shrine of fucking course

2.3.20 - added some old stuff to the photography page, new stuff to the bathroom scribbles page, didn't do shit to the awards page besides make a cheeky filler page

1.22.20 - added new stamps instead of, you know, actually finishing pages.

1.21.20 - tweaked layout so FF and chrome users both get the colored sidebar experience, because i'm obsessive. (can you believe firefox finally supports custom scrollbars? omg)
+ updated links list (i still have soo many sites to add).
+ added a snail mail resources page with a few downloads.

1.12.20 - soft open? i'm dropping the link in a few places, but i don't know how i feel about everything just yet..

12.19.19 - lots of little updates that aren't super relevent yet because this site hasnt been "officially" released