this page is dedicated to all the slices over 50. when i'm feeling v scared about the future, i'm going to look at this page and remind myself that life doesn't end at 27. also my first celebrity crush was carl sagan, so i feel like this was a long time coming. also, i've been having dreams about 21st century paul mccartney since i was fifteen. my parents might have been a little concerned. Anyway, without further ado, here are some lovely people who could have babysat your babysitter.

Born March 3, 1959

He was a theatre kid who made baloon animals at kid's birthday parties. He had social anxiety, and dealt with it by asking people questions. called his mom on the first episode of TAL (back when it was called 'your radio playhouse').

He danced on stage during a live TAL episode. The face he made was kinda self-concious which was precious. Also, he was the video for Yoko Ono's Bad Dancer. Yoko Ono will probably be on this page once I get around to making her a collage.

background credit!!