a note about old sites

I'm sure you already know about the Wayback Machine. I'm trying to make a point to have it archive many of the ~vintage~ websites I find, because when they vanish, they vanish forever. I've added archive links to a few of the sites on this page, although hopefully we won't need them. I don't want to keep seeing these sites lost to time. Anyway, on with the show.


Curlie - the newest face of the Open Directory Project (ODP) and DMOZ. Unlike search engines, Curlie is a directory maintained by volunteers. "Curlie is a great place to start browsing and searching the web. Start with a high-level category and explore to find specific categories of interest and websites that fit that category."

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE, WIBY?? Wiby is a search engine which focuses on 1.0 style websites. To rip off their about page, "the personalized websites are hidden among a pile of commercial pages" Please give that page a read. It's refreshing to know how many of us see the value in "the way things were". Projects like these make me hopeful that we can bring back what made the web magical.

rad folx doin rad things

did you know people are still making sites like this one? it's true! the bespoke web is experiencing a bit of a revival, one that will hopefully only grow.

HOLOGRAPHIC - my friend shelly's neocities page!

Neocities is probably the most popular community for this revival. The name gives it all away: it's a modern day geocities. You get a little bit of virtual real estate to build your web home, and the neighbors are pretty friendly! Each site has a profile with a comments section. You can follow other sites to stay in the loop, and even make some like-minded friends. The social aspect is totally unobtrusive, however, so you're welcome to be an e-hermit. Overall, a good place to be.


A little bit of everything: abandoned personal sites, hobby sites, articles I find important.. I might actually sort this more later, but no promises.

GUI Gallery - I find this evolution fascinating, and I'm old enough that some of these give me major nostalgia. I even kinda remember messing with the paint app on windows 3.1. If nothing else, check out his page on MS Bob!!

How to be a Guerilla Artist - This comes from the blog of Keri Smith, the person behind books such as Wreck This Journal, Finish This Book, and This Is Not A Book. If you're feeling bored with life, let her inside yr head for a bit. [wb]

The Book of Zines - An in-depth zine resource for beginners and enthusiasts alike. I first visited this site as a fifteen year old kid, and it's still around. 🖤 [wb]

The Hex Hub - A visual chart of web-safe hexadecimal color codes. I use it all the time!

in memoriam

One of the saddest responsibilities of a webmaster in 2020 is removing dead links. I wish there was a way to keep everything online, but these sites go down with no prior notice. I would like to get into the habit of checking domain reg dates + archiving what I can, but I'm not entirely sure how to do that effectively, especially for larger sites with lots of images. Maybe I should look into archive team a little more.

I am keeping these banners linked to their original address, but click at your own risk. I've followed a few dead links that forwarded to ~unwholesome~ websites. Which sucks, man.

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